Vocabulary Wizard

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Secondary/Young Adults/Adults

Veli Bariskan, Barbara Anne Strachan

Pre-Intermediate – Intermediate

Vocabulary Wizard is a unique vocabulary book which is based on the findings of the modern Corpus Linguistics.


The Most Common Words in English

Vocabulary Wizard employs concordances to provide many different contexts for each word. In other words, up to 25 sentences for each word can be studied in this book. Concordances also show the collocations. The words are presented in interesting and graded texts.
  • Graded Texts with Selected Words
  • The Most Common Phrasal Verbs – their meanings, usage and sample sentences
  • The Most Common Prefixes and Suffixes – their meanings and sample words with their common collocations
  • High Priority Words – their common collocations and meanings
  • The Most Common 1000 Words
  • Tests: multiple choice tests, cloze tests, phrasal verbs tests

Vocabulary Wizard (K1) Student’s Book / 9789757103103

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Lower Secondary, Secondary, Young Adults, Adults