Phonics Show 1

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Shawn Despres, Clara Cho, Shawn Chung

Phonics Show 1 is the first of a four-level phonics series designed for kindergarteners.

As an addition to the series, Phonics Show Readers are available too.


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Phonics Show adopts a balanced approach in which young learners build phonemic awareness, phonics, oral language, decoding skills, vocabulary, and comprehension.

As an addition to the series, Phonics Show Readers are available too.

Each unit includes fun songs and chants, interesting illustrations, and various activities.

  • Easy-to-learn and easy-to-teach steps
  • A balanced approach to build phonemic awareness, phonics, oral language, spelling, and fluency
  • Adequate activities to practice reading and decoding words and sentences
  • WCPM chart to monitor students’ progress in oral reading fluency
  • Plentiful activities to strengthen writing skills
  • Fun chants and songs, and captivating illustrations
  • Hybrid CDs that include entertaining games and animations

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