Nova’s GMAT Prep Course +Software

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Jeff Kolby

Nova’s GMAT Prep Course provides the equivalent of a 50-hour, 6-week course.

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Nova’s GMAT Prep Course provides the equivalent of a 50-hour, 6-week course. This comprehensive test prep book provides twenty-two chapters of review material and hundreds of GMAT-style practice problems and examples. Plus, we’ll take you inside the heads of test question writers to help you understand and outsmart the GMAT question mentality.  

Key features

  • Math: Twenty-two chapters provide comprehensive review of GMAT math.
  • Logical Reasoning: Discover the underlying simplicity of these problems and learn the tactics the GMAT writers use to obfuscate the answers.
  • Reading Comprehension: Develop the ability to spot places from which questions are likely to be drawn as you read a GMAT passage (pivotal words, counter-premises, etc.).
  • Writing Assessment: Learn how to get top scores on your Analysis of Issue and Analysis of Argument essays.
  • Mentor Exercises: These exercises provide hints, insight, and partial solutions to ease your transition from seeing GMAT problems solved to solving them on your own.
  • Test Mentality: 15% of this book is dedicated to training you to think like a test writer to help you spot red herrings AND correct answers.
  • Hundreds of GMAT-style questions with detailed solutions!
  • Study plan suggestions based on the amount of time you have before the exam
  • Software:
    • In Mentor Mode, you are immediately told whether you answered the problem correctly, and you can view a solution of the problem
    • In Test Mode, you can take a test timed and scored by the program

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